Welcome to Cycle Sense – cycle skills and safety training

On the road in Union Hall, February 2019

Cycle Sense provides cycle training in County Cork, Cork City and County Kerry with children, adults, and groups. See information about our Cycle Right Programme.

We are also up to so much more…

Cycle Bus for children in Skibbereen

Soon children in Skibbereen will be able to go to school on their bike by joining a Cycle Bus (a group of cyclists supervised by marshals) This group will stop at various places around town and finish at the school… Watch this space!

Joining the Circular Economy

After completing the ISBC social enterprise course in at the Ludgate in Skibbereen in 2019 we joined The Circular Economy Academy at the Rediscovery Centre, Ballymun, Dublin. With their help and guidance our first steps are to open a workshop developed on the principles of the circular economy. Read more about our work with the Rediscovery Centre and the Circular Economy.

Bike Maintenance

In February we are doing our City and Guild Bike Maintenance qualification. We have been looking after a fleet of bikes for years however this qualification will give us the official go ahead to develop our workshop plans and teach bike maintenance in schools.

Katie, Ruth and Karl at Cycle Sense would love to see cycling is a normal part of transport and everyday life in Ireland.

If you are unsure of the reasons why look here (PDF file).

If you are just getting started here are Top Ten Tips for Safe Cycling.